Journal of Woundcare Handbook

The professional's guide to wound product selection

Leg ulcer hosiery

ActiLymph Hosiery Kit

An alternative treatment and maintenance solution for uncomplicated venous leg ulcers with oedema. Can be an alternative to 4-layer bandages. Each pack contains 1 × class 2 ActiLymph open toe black or sand stocking plus 2 × 10mmHg sand or white liners. Liner packs are available in closed toe (white/sand/black) and open toe (sand only). Each liner pack contains 3 liners.

Activa Class 1 Unisex Sock

Unisex compression sock for mild venous disorders and prevention of deep vein thrombosis while travelling

Activa Leg Ulcer Hosiery Kits

A 2-layer compression hosiery kit that can serve as a viable alternative to 4-layer bandages in the management of uncomplicated venous leg ulcers. Each pack contains 1 × class 3 open toe sand or black stocking, plus 2 × 10mmHg white or sand liners. Liner packs are available in closed toe (white/sand/black) and open toe (sand only). Each liner pack contains 3 liners.

Alleviant Ulcer Care Kit

Comprises a stocking liner with X-Static interwoven silver thread, which has antimicrobial properties, and an overstocking with a back zipper for easy application. Delivers a combined compression of class 3.

Altipress 40 Leg Ulcer Kit

Ready-to-wear two-layer venous ulcer compression kit consisting of a British Standard class 3 stocking (30mmHg) and 2 liners (10mmHg). Liner packs containing 3 liners are also available in soft beige or white.

Altipress 40 Made to Measure Ulcer Kit

Made-to-measure 2-layer venous ulcer compression hosiery kit, consisting of a British Standard class 3 stocking (30mmHg) and 2 liners (10mmHg). Liner packs containing 2 white liners are also available.


British Standard range of compression hosiery available in cotton and nylon. Credalast Cotton (cotton/lycra) is a classic support hosiery with cotton layer knitted on the inside layer; designed for patients with sensitive skin. Credalast Nylon (nylon/lycra) is a sheerer hosiery with a nylon yarn. Available in compression classes 1, 2 and 3 in below knee and thigh length. Available in standard sizes (natural colour only) and made to measure. Made-to-measure options are Credalast Classic and Credalast Velvet (with Tactel Climate Effect), both of which come in natural and black.

Duomed Soft – BS Hosiery

British Standard elastic hosiery in three compression classes available in standard stock sizes. Silicone top band on all thigh-length stockings. Latex-free.

Duomed Soft 2Easy

Two-piece system comprising anklet and calf sleeve to simplify application and removal of compression stockings. Supplied as pair (2 anklets and 2 calf sleeves).


Ready-to-wear compression hosiery, Drug Tariff specification 40. Class 1 (14–17mmHg) to class 3 (25–35mmHg). Available in light (flesh) colour. Sizes S, M, L, XL.

Gloria Med Soft

Stockings and pantyhose. Fine yarn and availability of open or closed toe.

Gloria UlcerKit PRO

A multilayer stocking system for the treatment of venous leg ulcers. Available in two compression strengths and fabrics: UlcerKit PRO 35 Cotton (35–40 mmHg); UlcerKit PRO 40 Cotton (40–45 mmHg). UlcerKit PRO 35 Strong (35–40 mmHg); UlcerKit PRO 40 Strong (40–45 mmHg).

Hero H-2

A low-profile, hypoallergenic, odour-reducing (cyclodextrin) and moisturising (aloe) two-layer compression system. Layer 1 consists of a gentle, conformable, cohesive, absorbent foam bandage that contains pure aloe with moisturising properties and cyclodextrin to help bind malodorous molecules and give off a fresh scent. Layer 2 is a hand-tearable, beige/light-tan, inelastic, cohesive bandage designed to produce graduated, therapeutic sustained compression. The two layers lock together providing a sturdy compression bandage that resists slippage.

Jobst Farrow Toe Cap

Constructed from an ultra-thin and smooth compression fabric with fine seams. Available in class 1 (15–20mmHg) and class 2 (20–30mmHg). Can be trimmed to patient requirements. Colours: tan and black.

Jobst UlcerCare

Two-layer, zippered graduated compression hosiery system providing 40mmHg. Pack contains one stocking and two liners. Liner pack also available containing three liners.

Jobst UlcerCare Custom-Fit

Custom-made two-layer compression hosiery system for the treatment of venous leg ulceration; provides 40mmHg. Liner pack containing two liners also available.


An alternative to bandaging, this has a built-in pressure system guide that helps to ensure that correct and consistent pressure (20, 30, 40 or 50mmHg) is applied. The system can be re-adjusted to maintain the pressure required. Designed to be effective for 6 months of daily use. Latex-free. NICE Medtech innovation briefing [MIB25] provide a description of Juxtacures, including its likely place in therapy, the costs of using the technology and a critical review of the strengths and weaknesses of the relevant published evidence. The following accessories are also available: Comfort Leg Liner (contains two liners) and Comfort Compression Anklets, standard or large (contains two anklets).


Wrap-around device for use as alternative to bandaging or compression garments in venous ulceration and after healing. Built-in pressure system guide to ensure correct and consistent pressure (20, 30, 40 or 50mmHg) to lower leg. System can be re-adjusted to maintain pressure required. Designed to be effective for 6 months of daily use. Latex-free. Following accessories included: juxta Undersock × 2 (with compressive foot).

Juzo Ulcer Pro

A two-layer compression stocking system comprising Juzo Ulcer Liner and Juzo Ulcer Expert. The liner is circular knit and provides compression class 1; it is closed toe, has an outside seam to protect sensitive skin in the toe area, as well as heel and instep markings to facilitate exact positioning. Juzo Ulcer Expert is a flat-knit garment; it provides class 2 compression and is closed toe. The stocking system can be worn day and night. The liner is white and the over-stocking is beige.

Juzo Ulcer System

A two-layer compression stocking system comprising a liner stocking, which can be worn day and night, and a circular-knit over-stocking to boost compression during the day. Provides 20mmHg overnight and 40mmHg during the day. Beige.

Mediven Plus – Made to Measure

Made-to-measure open toe RAL class 1, 2 and 3 compression garments for the leg. Available in a wide range of colours, plus trend colours. Latex-free.

Mediven Ulcer Kit

Venous ulcer compression system. Kit contains one over-stocking and two white closed toe liners. Liner pack also available containing two liners. Latex-free.

Premier MTM Ulcer Care Sock

Made-to-measure knee-length stocking. Provides nominal compression of 37–40mmHg. Back zipper for easy donning.

Sigvaris Initial

Circular-knit finely ribbed socks for men. Available in AFNOR class I (10–15mmHg) with low profile seam to add extra comfort to the toe area. Also has a reinforced heel.

Ulcer X Kit and Ulcer X Liners

Ulcer × is a leg ulcer treatment pack comprising RAL class 2 open-toe, below-knee stocking and closed-toe liners. Ulcer × Liner comprises closed toe liners designed to enable easy application of hosiery.


Venous ulcer compression pack, containing one stocking and two liners

Venosan 7000

Fibres include Seacell Pure technology. Seacell Active fibre is designed to have an anti-inflammatory effect and to relieve itching.

Venosan 8000 Ulcerfit

A 2-layer compression stocking system for the treatment of leg ulcers. The system consists of 2 knitted stockings that work together to produce therapeutic levels of compression. The system comprises: Layer 1: a liner that is normally worn day and night. Pressure is approximately 10mmHg and helps to keep the wound dressing in place. The material is designed to enable easy application of the overstocking. The pack contains 2 white liners. Layer 2: the compression overstocking supports the treatment during the day. The pack contains 1 × below-knee open-toe stocking.

VenoTrain Cocoon

Skincare compression stocking that relieves complaints of venous insufficiency while also assisting the barrier function of dry skin, preventing scaling and itching and promoting the regeneration of skin cells for smoother skin.