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Credenhill (supplied by Daylong Direct)


British Standard range of compression hosiery available in cotton and nylon. Credalast Cotton (cotton/lycra) is a classic support hosiery with cotton layer knitted on the inside layer; designed for patients with sensitive skin. Credalast Nylon (nylon/lycra) is a sheerer hosiery with a nylon yarn.

Available in compression classes 1, 2 and 3 in below knee and thigh length. 

Available in standard sizes (natural colour only) and made to measure.

Made-to-measure options are Credalast Classic and Credalast Velvet (with Tactel Climate Effect), both of which come in natural and black.


Class 1 (14–17mmHg): light (mild) support for superficial or early varices including those occurring during pregnancy. 

Class 2 (18–24mmHg): medium (moderate) support for varices of medium severity; ulcer treatment and prevention of recurrence; mild oedema and varicosis during pregnancy.

Class 3 (25–35mmHg): strong support for gross varices; post-thrombotic venous insufficiency; gross oedema; ulcer treatment and prevention of recurrence.


Arterial disease based on vascular assessment; severe heart disease; diabetes (unless under medical supervision); loss of feeling in the legs. Precautions: known allergy to compression stocking fabric; severe infections of the veins or skin. See instructions for use.

Sizes Available

Standard sizes: S, M, L, XL.

Small: ankle 18–22cm; calf 28–34cm; thigh 40–54cm.
Medium: ankle 20–24cm; calf 32–38cm; thigh 46–60cm.
Large: ankle 24–28cm; calf 36–42cm; thigh 54–68cm.
Extra large: ankle 28–32cm; calf 40–46cm; thigh 60–74cm.

Leg length (cm): standard: heel-knee, up to 38; long: heel-knee, up to 45.

Standard variations: below knee; thigh high; open toe; and thigh length with waist attachments.


British Standard Hosiery

Class 1: below knee: £8.02; thigh: £8.78
Class 2: below knee: £11.73; thigh: £13.05
Class 3: below knee: £13.30; thigh £15.47

Made to measure 

Class 1, 2, 3: below knee: £29.08; thigh: £46.48

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