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ChloraSolv Wound Debridement Gel

This gentle, easy-to-use wound debridement gel softens and selectively removes devitalised tissue and biofilm, without causing trauma or bleeding. It uses a two-component hypochlorite system and has antimicrobial properties. It requires minimal training and a short application time.

Mölnlycke Z-Flo Fluidised Positioners and Heel Boot

A fluidised positioner that moulds to individual patient and anatomical shapes to redistribute pressure. Offloads bony prominences, such as the occiput. Zero-flow: once moulded into any shape, it will maintain that form and patient position over time. Zero-memory: moulds to a new shape when needed without returning to its previous form.

Atrauman Ag

Atrauman Ag

A non-adherent contact layer, composed of polyamide fibres, coated with elemental silver and impregnated with non-medicated neutral triglycerides. Petroleum- and paraffin-free.



Non-adherent, polyester mesh wound contact layer. 1mm pore size and impregnation of neutral triglycerides to prevent penetration of granulation tissue into dressing. Petrolatum-free.