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Microlife WatchBP Office ABI

Microlife WatchBP Office ABI

Microlife – WatchBP


Dual cuff pressure monitor for the assessment of ankle brachial pressure index (ABPI) and the detection of atrial fibrillation (AF). During a rest period of at least 5 minutes, the blood pressure is measured in both arms simultaneously to determine which has the highest and to screen for AF. Next, the arm with the highest blood pressure and both legs are measured simultaneously. WatchBP software then facilitates an automated ABPI assessment within 4 minutes. Validated by the NHS Technology Adoption Centre. System comprises cuffs, mini USB port, rechargeable battery pack and an automated office blood pressure measurement device. 


To measure ABPI and screen for peripheral arterial disease. Can also be used to screen for atrial fibrillation. 


None listed. 

Sizes Available

2 medium cuffs (22–32cm) for the arm;

2 large cuffs (32–42cm) for the arm;

1 medium ankle cuff.

Re-chargeable NiMH battery and mains adaptor.

Free software.

Free support.

5-year warranty


Additional cuffs sizes:

Small cuffs (14–22cm);

Large to extra-large cuff (32–52cm);

Large ankle cuff;

Optional free-standing moveable stand available


Not available on the Drug Tariff. £1295 plus VAT 

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