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ActiLymph Hosiery Kit

ActiLymph Hosiery Kit



An alternative treatment and maintenance solution for uncomplicated venous leg ulcers with oedema. Can be an alternative to 4-layer bandages. Each pack contains 1 x class 2 ActiLymph open toe black or sand stocking plus 2 x 10mmHg sand or white liners. Liner packs are available in closed toe (white/sand/black) and open toe (sand only). Each liner pack contains 3 liners.


Compression of limbs with venous disorders and the control and reduction of oedema and lymphoedema. Treatment of venous leg ulcers. Prevention of recurrence of venous leg ulcers and severe varicose veins. A cosmetically acceptable alternative to compression bandages.


This system may be unsuitable where there is heavy exudate and for large wounds. For large or irregular shaped limbs, it may be more appropriate to use compression bandages. Padding and bandages are recommended for patients with very small limbs or with bony prominences. Lymphoedematous limbs should be treated with short-stretch bandages prior to going into the leg ulcer hosiery kit. Diabetic patients, unless after specialist referral and under strict supervision. Arterial insufficiency, arterial disease and ischaemia, according to vascular assessment. ABPI of <0.8 or > 1.3 unless after specialist referral and under strict supervision and regular follow-up. Congestive cardiac failure as compression could lead to cardiac overload
Peripheral neuropathy. Rheumatoid arthritis. Known sensitivity to the fabric of the stockings.

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£31.45 (pack contains one stocking and two liners)

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