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Activa Class 1 Unisex Sock

Activa Class 1 Unisex Sock



Unisex compression sock for mild venous disorders and prevention of deep vein thrombosis while travelling.


Superficial or early varices; prevention of deep vein thrombosis.


Compression hosiery may be contraindicated for large or irregular shaped limbs until the limb size and shape are suitable for a compression garment. Fragile or damaged skin, although it can be used over an appropriate dressing. Patients with diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis, unless after specialist referral and under supervision, due to risk of microvascular disease. Arterial disease (ischaemia) according to vascular assessment. ABPI of <0.8 or >1.3 unless after specialist referral and under supervision and regular follow-up. Congestive heart failure as compression could lead to cardiac overload. Sensory disorders of the limb (i.e. peripheral neuropathy). Known sensitivity to the fabric of the hosiery.

Sizes Available

Below knee (closed toe);

Colour: black (plain and patterned);

Sizes: S, M, L, XL


Small: foot 20.5–24cm; ankle 19.5–25.5cm; calf 30.5–37.5cm

Medium: foot 23–26cm; ankle 21.5–27.5cm; calf 33–40cm

Large: foot 25.5–29.5cm; ankle 22.5–29.5cm; calf 35.5–43cm

X-Large: foot 26.5–32.5cm; ankle 2332cm; calf 38–46cm



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