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Ulcer X Kit and Ulcer X Liners

Ulcer X Kit and Ulcer X Liners



Ulcer X is a leg ulcer treatment pack comprising RAL class 2 open-toe, below-knee stocking and closed-toe liners. Ulcer X Liner comprises closed toe liners designed to enable easy application of hosiery. 


Treatment and management of venous leg ulcers.


None listed.

Sizes Available

Open toe, open toe plus and closed toe. Colour: beige.

Ulcer X: pack contains open toe/open toe plus 1x500 class 2 stocking and two closed toe liners (~46mmHg). Ulcer X Liner: pack contains closed toe 4 liners (15–20mmHg).

Available in small, medium, large and extra large; short or long lengths.


Open toe/open toe plus packs kits: £25.35

Closed toe pack liner refill: £21.58

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