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Juzo Ulcer Pro

Juzo UK


A two-layer compression stocking system comprising Juzo Ulcer Liner and Juzo Ulcer Expert. The liner is circular knit and provides compression class 1; it is closed toe, has an outside seam to protect sensitive skin in the toe area, as well as heel and instep markings to facilitate exact positioning. Juzo Ulcer Expert is a flat-knit garment; it provides class 2 compression and is closed toe. The stocking system can be worn day and night. The liner is white and the over-stocking is beige. 


Venous leg ulcers and to prevent recurrence.

Sizes Available

Available in six standard sizes.

Both available as made to measure.


Juzo Ulcer Pro, contact supplier

Juzo Ulcer Pro made to measure (pack contains one stocking and two liners): £65.30; liner pack (two made-to-measure liners: £32.80)

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