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Hero H-2

Hero Healthcare


A low-profile, hypoallergenic, odour-reducing (cyclodextrin) and moisturising (aloe) two-layer compression system. Layer 1 consists of a gentle, conformable, cohesive, absorbent foam bandage that contains pure aloe with moisturising properties and cyclodextrin to help bind malodorous molecules and give off a fresh scent. Layer 2 is a hand-tearable, beige/light-tan, inelastic, cohesive bandage designed to produce graduated, therapeutic sustained compression. The two layers lock together providing a sturdy compression bandage that resists slippage.


Treatment and management of venous and mixed aetiology ulcers.


Patients with known arterial insufficiency, cardiac insufficiency, or diabetes with advanced microvascular disease may not tolerate compression and should be closely monitored.

Sizes Available

Hero H-2 standard kit (18–25cm). Hero H-2 Lite kit (18–25cm). Hero H-2 XL kit (25–32cm).

Hero H-2 layer 1 (10cmx3.5m). Hero H-2 layer 2 (10cmx5m).

Hero H-2 Lite layer 2 (10cmx5m).

Hero H-2 XL layer 1 (10cmx5m). Hero H-2 XL layer 2 (10cmx6.5m).


Kits: £7.63; £7.63; £8.43

Hero H-2 layer 1: £4.82; layer 2: £3.98

Hero H-2 Lite layer 2: £3.98

Hero H-2 XL layer 1: £4.83; layer 2: £4.91

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