Journal of Woundcare Handbook

The professional's guide to wound product selection


Marathon Skin Protectant

A non-cytotoxic, cyanoacrylate-based monomer that forms a strong protective layer over skin. As the cyanoacrylate polymerizes, it bonds to the skin surface. It resists external moisture, yet allows the skin to breathe.


Sterile, absorbent 100% chitosan gelling microfibre primary wound dressing. Transforms into a cohesive gel matrix when in contact with wound exudate, helping to maintain a moist environment. Aids autolytic debridement and can control minor bleeding. Easy to remove. Improves patient comfort.

Medi Arm Butler

Sturdy frame to aid application of compression armsleeves

Medi Big Butler

Sturdy frame to aid application of compression hosiery onto the lower limbs, with long handles for ease of use

Medi Derma-PRO Foam and Spray Incontinence Cleanser

pH-balanced, non-fragranced moisturising cleanser suitable for use on moisture-associated skin damage. Removes dried-on fluids. Soft, non-sticky skin feel for patient comfort. No-rinse formulation minimises skin rubbing and potential friction damage. Available in foam and spray for easy application to difficult-to-reach areas.

Medi Derma-S Total Barrier Cream – Non-sting

Non-sting barrier cream providing transparent long-lasting protection from moisture-associated skin damage. Moisturises and protects mildly damaged and intact skin by forming a waterproof barrier, preventing irritation from bodily fluids, adhesive products and friction.

Medi Derma-S Total Barrier Film – Non-sting

Non-sting barrier film providing transparent, long-lasting protection (from 24 to 72 hours) from moisture-associated skin damage on intact and moderately damaged skin. Silicone-based liquid that forms a protective uniform film when evenly applied to the skin. Its barrier properties protect damaged and intact skin from the harmful effects of moisture, irritants and from potential skin damage caused by the application of adhesive wound dressings or stoma pouches.

Medical Non-Woven Swab

Soft latex-free non-woven swabs with high absorbency and low-linting feature for strength and durability.