Journal of Woundcare Handbook

The professional's guide to wound product selection


LBF Barrier Cream

LBF Barrier Cream

Formulated to provide an effective, breathable barrier for intact skin from bodily fluids such as faeces and urine. Moisturises the skin and helps to maintain skin integrity. Will not affect the absorbency of incontinence pads or the adhesion of dressings or adhesive appliances. It is highly concentrated, and small amounts of cream will cover a large skin area.

LBF Sterile Barrier Film

Uses sterile healthcare grade silicones to form a fast-drying, transparent protective film. It can be applied to both intact and injured skin around peri-wound sites, forming a protective barrier against bodily fluids. Available in three different applications.


Transparent, synthetic, perforated, adhesive film tape. Skin-sensitive.


Non-woven island dressing with absorbent pad.

Leukomed Control

Transparent postoperative film dressing with hydropolymer pad

Leukomed Sorbact

Postoperative film dressing to help prevent surgical site infection. Uses bacteria-binding Sorbact technology.

Leukomed T

Vapour-permeable film with pattern-coated adhesive and high MTVR