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LBF Barrier Cream

LBF Barrier Cream



Formulated to provide an effective, breathable barrier for intact skin from bodily fluids such as faeces and urine. Moisturises the skin and helps to maintain skin integrity. Will not affect the absorbency of incontinence pads or the adhesion of dressings or adhesive appliances. It is highly concentrated, and small amounts of cream will cover a large skin area.


To protect skin that is at risk or is likely to be compromised by corrosive bodily fluids (including urine, faeces, digestive enzymes), wound exudate, adhesives and friction


Designed for external use only and should not be used on injured or infected skin. Should not be used where there is a known allergic sensitivity to any ingredients. Do not use if packaging is damaged.


2g sachets (×20), £7.17; 30g tube, £3.71; 100g tube, £8.03

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