Journal of Woundcare Handbook

The professional's guide to wound product selection


Sal-e Pods

Sodium chloride 0.9% wound irrigation surfactant solution

Salts Mouldable Seals

Mouldable hydrocolloid seals. Range includes seals with extracts of aloe vera (Salts Mouldable Seals with Aloe).

Salts No-sting Stoma Paste

Alcohol-free no-sting stoma paste that can be used to fill gaps around the seal of a stoma or wound drainage pouch


Highly permeable, hypoallergenic, colophony-free, non-woven, synthetic, skin-friendly, adhesive tape

Scar Fx

Silcone gel sheet, self-adhesive and reusable


Silicone topical gel; fast-drying, waterproof and invisible Allows application of facial cosmetics