Journal of Woundcare Handbook

The professional's guide to wound product selection


Suprasorb P sensitive

Silicone-based foam dressing consisting of a 5-layer technology. An atraumatic OptiSil wound contact layer, a layer of polyurethane absorbent foam, a non-woven distribution layer, a superabsorbent polymer core and an external film backing layer. Available in 3 varieties: border, border lite and non-border.

Suprasorb X

Bio-cellulose dressing that provides a moist environment and cooling effect which may be perceived as soothing. Can be cut or folded to the shape/size of the wound.

Sureprep No Sting Barrier

Water-based no-sting formula containing no alcohol or synthetic solvents for painless application on damaged or compromised skin. Forms a long-lasting, clear, vapour-permeable, water-resistant coating. For use on all skin types, including neonatal.


A sterile antimicrobial wound gel that releases controlled, low levels of reactive oxygen in the wound bed for 72 hours


An all-in-one, roll-on, easy-to-apply total contact cast system. Application process can be completed in less than 10 minutes in the clinic by any trained clinician. Complemented by a partner boot.

Tegaderm Contact

Non-adherent permeable woven nylon primary wound contact layer