Journal of Woundcare Handbook

The professional's guide to wound product selection


ActivHeal Polyhexanide Non-Adhesive Foam

A sterile antimicrobial wound dressing consisting of a hydrophilic polyurethane foam pad designed to absorb exudate and containing the antimicrobial substance polyhexamethylene biguanide (Polyhexanide, polyhexanide), which kills bacteria and inhibits its growth. The dressing is laminated with a pink, low-friction, polyurethane film. The Polyhexanide is released in the presence of wound exudate. The wound contact layer side of the dressing has a clear, perforated, acrylic film that stops the wound bed from adhering to the dressing.

ActivHeal Silicone Foam Border

A sterile absorbent dressing consisting of a hydrophilic polyurethane foam pad, without and without a border. The outer layer comprises a pink, low-friction, waterproof, polyurethane film. The perforated, silicone, adhesive wound contact layer enables exudate uptake and prevents the dressing from sticking to the wound.

ActivHeal Silicone Foam Lite

A thin, sterile dressing with a trilaminate structure comprising a polyurethane central foam layer; a permeable, low-friction, waterproof polyurethane film; a wound contact layer with a silicone adhesive-coated perforated film. The dressing can be repositioned during wear and lifted to allow observation. Latex-free.

ActivHeal Tracheostomy Foam

A sterile, non-adhesive, absorbent dressing with a versatile fenestration that enables it to fit neatly around a tracheotomy tube. The dressing consists of a soft, conformable, hydrophilic, absorbent, polyurethane foam laminated to a pink, low-friction, waterproof polyurethane film that also provides a bacterial barrier.

Activon Tulle

Knitted viscose mesh impregnated with 100% manuka honey


Cohesive retention bandage. Latex-free.

Actolind Wound Gel

Antimicrobial wound hydrogel with Polyhexanide and poloxamer to promote autolytic debridement and clean, protect and moisten acute, chronic and infected wounds


A non-adherent primary dressing comprised of knitted cellulose acetate mesh impregnated with a petrolatum emulsion. Can be cut to size. Can be used with compression therapy.