Journal of Woundcare Handbook

The professional's guide to wound product selection


Leukoplast Sleek LF

Latex-free, plasticised PVC tape. Waterproof, strong and conformable. Excellent initial and long-term adhesion.


Permeable, non-woven, synthetic adhesive tape. Skin-friendly. Provides gentle fixation.


Adhesive hypoallergenic wound closure strips

Lifteez Medical Adhesive Remover – Non-sting

Lifteez Medical Adhesive Remover – Non-sting

Non-sting medical adhesive remover containing certified health-care grade silicone ingredients. Available as wipes and aerosol. Designed to easily break strong adhesive bonds and minimise the risk of medical adhesive-related skin injury (skin stripping) and pain on removal.

LimbO Waterproof Protector

Waterproof protection for dressings, PICC lines and plaster casts when bathing and showering. Has a gentle, strong neoprene seal. Multiple use. Latex-free.

Limisan Pro

Limisan Pro

Silicone-based spray for easy, pain-free removal of all types of adhesives, including plasters, tapes, dressings, stoma and adhesive patches. Contains ingredients that quickly form a layer that interrupts the adhesive bond so the adhesive product can be gently lifted away. The ingredients evaporate quickly, leaving no residue, enabling a new adhesive product to be applied.

Liqua Care

Ergonomic, liquid-filled, pressure-redistributing insoles. Fabric covered for added comfort. Slim, so fits most types of shoes. According to manufacturer, is clinically proven to reduce peak forefoot pressure by over 21% immediately and to increase circulation by over 5% with one week’s use.