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LimbO Waterproof Protector

LimbO Waterproof Protector

Thesis Technology Products


Transparent limb-shaped plastic cover with flexible seal at the opening.


Used to keep leg dressings and PICC lines/midlines dry during bathing or showering.


None listed.

Sizes Available

Adult 1/2 Leg: Slim build; slim build short leg; normal build; normal build short leg; large build; large build short leg.

Adult Elbow: Slim to medium build; medium to large build.

Note: a full range of sizes of waterproof protectors, including extra large half models for patients with lymphoedema, is available direct from the supplier (not on FP10). 

There are also two adult sizes foot models, which are intended for showering only.


Adult 1/2 Leg: £10.56

Adult Elbow: £12.95

Adult foot and full leg: contact supplier

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