Journal of Woundcare Handbook

The professional's guide to wound product selection



Lightweight knitted polyamide and cellulose contour bandage, knitted BP 1988

Knitted Conforming Bandage 4264

Type 2, two-way stretch, elastic, knitted conforming bandage. Available with and without fastening, and as non-sterile or sterile.


A water-resistant, vapour-permeable, knitted fabric consisting of cotton, acrylic and elastomeric fibres. The fabric is coated with particles of natural latex, which makes it cohesive and enables it to stick to itself. A type 3a bandage.


Cohesive polyamide and cotton contour bandage


White knitted fabric consisting of viscose, nylon and elastomeric yarn. A light-blue line runs along the middle of its length to aid 50% overlap when bandaging. Also available in long length. Latex-free.


An absorbent, non-woven, sub-bandage wadding comprising a blend of viscose and polyester. Latex-free.


A lightweight knitted compression fabric composed of viscose, elastane and nylon. The bandage has two-way stretch. Latex-free.


A soft, sterile, absorbent gelling fibre dressing made from chitosan. Transforms into a soft gel on absorption of wound exudate. Can aid autolytic debridement, promote haemostasis and be removed in one piece without damaging newly formed tissue.