Journal of Woundcare Handbook

The professional's guide to wound product selection



High compression extensible bandage, type 3C

Thin Skin Protection Socks and Sleeves

Protective socks and sleeves to protect fragile, thinning skin from skin tears. Made from a strong, hard, heat-resistant synthetic fibre called Kevlar and elasticated nylon, using a specialist weaving method.

Thirty:30 Ointment

Emollient containing emulsifying wax (30%) and yellow soft paraffin (30%)

Traditional 500

Circular-knit lymphoedema garments for the leg. Made from natural rubber. RAL class 2 (23–32mmHg) and class 3 (34–46mmHg). Male and female versions. Only available in beige. Open and closed toe. Made to measure.

Traditional Armsleeve

Class 2 (23–32mmHg) compression armsleeve. Durable, comfortable and supportive. Made from natural rubber (not against the skin).

Transpore Medical Tape

A transparent, perforated, plastic medical tape with bidirectional perforations for easy hand tear and a moderate level of adhesive strength

Tubifast Bandages

Designed for dressing retention, wet and dry wrapping, and under-cast stockinette. Tubifast provides light elasticity for complete freedom of movement. Easy to use and rewash for reuse, Tubifast bandages are elasticated viscose stockinette with radial and longitudinal stretch.

Tubifast Garments

Tubifast garments with 2-Way Stretch are designed for dressing retention , wet and dry wrapping, and skin covering. Available in a range of ready-to-wear garments, Tubifast provides light elasticity for complete freedom of movement for patients. Easy to use and rewash for reuse, Tubifast garments can be worn under ordinary and night clothes.


Tubigrip is a high quality, multipurpose elasticated tubular bandage. Tubigrip is comfortable for a wide range of application, thanks to its high stretch, and provides great conformability.