Journal of Woundcare Handbook

The professional's guide to wound product selection


SoleSafe Bed End Pressure Relief Pad

Pre-inflated or inflatable pads impregnated with antimicrobial polyurethane that protect the soles of the feet when patients slide down an inclined bed. Secured to the bed with adjustable straps and snap buckles, which can be replaced. Supplied with manual hand pump. Can be combined with HeelSafe to protect both the heel and plantar surfaces.

Solvaline N

Low adherent, easy-to-use absorbent dressing with great air permeability.

Sorbsan Silver Flat

A sterile, non-woven, calcium alginate dressing with silver. High in mannuronic acid and low in guluronic acid. The fibres swell and form a gel on contact with wound exudate, releasing ionic silver particles to reduce bioburden. Will promote haemostasis in bleeding wounds.

Sorbsan Flat

A sterile, non-woven, calcium alginate wound dressing. High in mannuronic acid and low in guluronic acid. The fibres swell and form a sodium-calcium alginate gel on contact with wound exudate. Will promote haemostasis in bleeding wounds.


Formerly known as Epifix, this is minimially manipulated, dehyrdated, non-viable, human cellular amniotic/chorion membrane (dHACM) allograft derived from the placenta. It contains multiple extracellular matrix proteins, growth factors, cytokines and other specialty proteins present in amniotic tissue to provide a barrier membrane that enhances healing.

Spirit Alginate

Dressings to control minor bleeding, derived from the calcium salts of seaweed. The alginate fibres form a hydrophilic gel on contact with wound fluid to allow maximum contact with the wound bed. Alginates absorb exudate away from the wound while providing a moist wound environment conducive to healing. The range offers an alginate ribbon for narrow wounds or sinuses, alginate packing in the form a ‘rope’ for cavities and an alginate flat sheet for application to shallow wounds.

Spirit Foam

Sterile silicone wound contact dressing that consists of soft highly absorbent foam with a permeable polyurethane foam film backing, designed to absorb and retain exudate while maintaining a moist wound environment.

Spirit Silicone Foam

Dressing constructed from a vapour permeable polyurethane film, a superabsorbent core and a gentle silicone adhesive wound contact layer. This multi-layer construction facilitates dynamic fluid management to provide the optimum moist wound environment and minimizes trauma and pain during dressing changes. The range consists of border, lite border, non-border and sacral silicone foam dressings to meet a wide range of needs.

Star Cotton

Ready-to-wear circular-knit compression hosiery for the legs. 100% cotton, so suitable for sensitive skin.