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Sorbsan Flat

Sorbsan Flat

Creed Medical


A sterile, non-woven, calcium alginate wound dressing. High in mannuronic acid and low in guluronic acid. The fibres swell and form a sodium-calcium alginate gel on contact with wound exudate. Will promote haemostasis in bleeding wounds.


Can be used on wounds with a moderate to high volume of exudate.


Known sensitivity to any of the components of the dressing.

Sizes Available

5x5cm; 10x10cm; 10x20cm; 30cm/2g (packing); 40cm (rope)


£0.82 (x10); £1.72 (x10); £3.22 (x5); £3.50 packing (x5); £2.06 ribbon (x5)

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