Journal of Woundcare Handbook

The professional's guide to wound product selection


Custom Goldpunkt

Made-to-measure garments for the upper and lower limbs. Comprised of very firm but stretchy, flat-knit fabric.

Custom Pertex

Made-to-measure compression garment for the upper and lower limb

Cuticell Classic

Sterile, non-medicated, paraffin gauze dressing with open weave

Cuticell Contact

An elastic and transparent polyurethane film coated with soft silicone

Cutimed Alginate

Sterile, non-medicated, alginate dressing, consisting of calcium and sodium alginate. Semipermeable, non-woven fabric coated on both sides with natural fibres derived from seaweed.

Cutimed Cavity

Sterile, highly absorbent, polyurethane foam dressing

Cutimed DebriClean

Debridement pad consisting of white monofilament microfibre loops for gentle debridement and blue tougher fibres for when stronger debridement is required

Cutimed Epiona

Sterile, freeze-dried matrix consisting of collagen and calcium alginate. Collagen is obtained from bovine dermis and consists of collagen types I, III and V. Has haemostyptic properties, supports wound healing, is soft and easy to mould, and has a good absorptive capacity.

Cutimed Gel

Clear, amorphous hydrogel with optional sterile applicator

Cutimed HydroControl

Sterile, absorbent hydropolymer dressing consisting of semipermeable polyurethane film and hydropolymer adhesive layer with pores.