Journal of Woundcare Handbook

The professional's guide to wound product selection


#AOne Foam

Moisture, vapour and oxygen permeable soft polyurethane foam dressing. Available in adhesive and non-adhesive versions.

#AOne Gelling Fibre

Gelling fibre dressing that, after absorbing the exudate, rapidly swells to form a transparent gel, preventing leakage and maceration, maintaining an optimal moist healing environment.

#AOne Silicone Foam

Comprises a silicone wound contact layer, a superabsorbent pad of polyurethane foam and a vapour-permeable and waterproof polyurethane film

365 Community Wound Care Pack

Sterile, single-use and latex-free packs containing: 1 × tray; 1 × pair nitrile exam gloves (small, medium or large); 1 × drape (50×50cm); 1 × waste bag (35×45cm); 1 × dressing towel (38×43cm); 1 × apron; 5 × non-woven swabs (4 ply, 10×10cm); 1×14cm measuring tape with pain guide; 1 × sterile field drape (45×45cm). Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.

365 Film

Transparent film dressing for frame application

365 Foam

A sterile, non-adhesive, polyurethane foam dressing

365 Non Adherent

Sterile, absorbent wound dressing pads with absorbent inner layers and a perforated low-adherent wound contact layer.

365 Strips

365 Strips

Reinforced paper wound closure strips

365 SuperAbsorbent

Multilayer sterile, superabsorbent dressing comprising a low-adherent contact mesh layer, a superabsorbent core, and a permeable, water-resistant backing layer