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The professional's guide to wound product selection

Medline Industries

Medline Industries
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Medline Industries Products

Bordered Gauze

Adhesive island dressing comprising a non-adherent centre pad, non-woven adhesive border and a water-resistant backing.

Comfort Glide Positioning Wedges

Single-use or reusable high-density foam wedges designed to keep patients in 30-degree tilt position to reduce pressure on bony prominences. Non-slip base grips the surface of any mattress or linen, ensuring stability.

Comfort Glide Repositioning System

3-in-1 system to help prevent pressure damage. Air-permeable repositioning sheet can remain under patients for extended periods, enabling repositioning every 4 hours for patients at high risk. Once repositioned, wedges keep patients in the recommende…

Heel Raiser Pro

Heel offloading boot that redistributes pressure along the calf. The durable exterior reduces friction and shear from sheets. Machine washable. Simple strapping system. Treated with ‘Ultra-Fresh’ antimicrobial treatment to help inhibit odour-causing…


Heel offloading device that utilises a pillow-like design to redistribute pressure. Machine washable. Flexible strapping system helps prevent foot drop. Optional wedge (included with each size) to help prevent lateral or medial rotation. Treated with…

Marathon Skin Protectant

A non-cytotoxic, cyanoacrylate-based monomer that forms a strong protective layer over skin. As the cyanoacrylate polymerizes, it bonds to the skin surface. It resists external moisture, yet allows the skin to breathe.

Plurogel Burn and Wound Dressing

Surfactant gel utilising micelle matrix technology. The concentrated surfactant softens, loosens and traps slough, bacteria and wound debris; it also maintains an optimally moist wound healing environment, which promotes debridement. Helps protect he…

Remedy Moisturising Barrier Cream

Moisturises the skin while providing a protective breathable barrier. Contains a 24% silicone blend, with both emollients and humectants. Other ingredients include vitamins and nutrients derived from natural ingredients including safflower, green tea…

Sureprep No Sting Barrier

Water-based no-sting formula containing no alcohol or synthetic solvents for painless application on damaged or compromised skin. Forms a long-lasting, clear, vapour-permeable, water-resistant coating. For use on all skin types, including neonatal.