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Sureprep No Sting Barrier

Sureprep No Sting Barrier

Medline Industries


Water-based no-sting formula containing no alcohol or synthetic solvents for painless application on damaged or compromised skin. Forms a long-lasting, clear, vapour-permeable, water-resistant coating. For use on all skin types, including neonatal.


To provide a primary barrier on intact or damaged skin against bodily wastes, fluids and adhesives.


Not to be used on infected areas of skin, near the eyes, or as the only covering when additional dressing protection is required against bacterial contamination/penetration, for example on intravenous catheter sites and full- or partial-thickness wounds.

Sizes Available

Foam applicators: 1ml (x 25); 3ml (x 25)

Pump spray, 28ml

Stoma wipes (x 50)


Foam applicators: £19.25; £33.00

Pump spray: £5.76

Stoma wipes: £22.50

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