Journal of Woundcare Handbook

The professional's guide to wound product selection

Comfort Glide Repositioning System

Medline Industries


3-in-1 system to help prevent pressure damage. Air-permeable repositioning sheet can remain under patients for extended periods, enabling repositioning every 4 hours for patients at high risk. Once repositioned, wedges keep patients in the recommended 30-degree tilt position to reduce pressure on bony prominences. Pads designed to manage moisture to keep skin dry.


Pressure ulcer prevention in high-risk patients


Regular positioning sheet not suitable for patients over 260kg; extra-large sheet not suitable for patients over 285kg


Repositioning sheet: 89×140cm, 107×198cm (extra large). Repositioning wedge: 28×13×14cm, 38×17×14cm (extra large). Drypad: 91.5×145cm, 101×203cm (extra large), on NHS Supply Chain

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