Journal of Woundcare Handbook

The professional's guide to wound product selection


Bioclusive Plus

Bioclusive Plus

A self-adhesive dressing consisting of a transparent semipermeable, polyurethane film coated with an acrylic adhesive

Body Armor Heel Reliever

Offloading device that completely suspends the heel. Has two internal foam finishes (convoluted or smooth) and a friction-free exterior surface. Ventilation holes promote air circulation. Three straps hold the forefoot and lower leg in an orthograde position. Can be worn on either the right or left foot. Machine washable. The device is supplied with a forefoot pad, a long calf pad (30cm), a positioning wedge (to counteract external rotation of the leg) and a laundry bag. The device is manufactured by DARCO and distributed by V-M Orthotics.

Bordered Gauze

Adhesive island dressing comprising a non-adherent centre pad, non-woven adhesive border and a water-resistant backing.