Journal of Woundcare Handbook

The professional's guide to wound product selection


V.A.C. WhiteFoam Dressing Kits

V.A.C. WhiteFoam Dressing Kits

A non-adherent, versatile and comfortable advanced wound dressing with a higher tensile strength than V.A.C. GranuFoam dressing. Contains 1 × polyvinyl alcohol foam, 1 x drape and 1 x SensaT.R.A.C. Pad.

V.A.C.Via 7-Day Kit

V.A.C.Via 7-Day Kit

Single-use, lightweight, portable negative pressure therapy system that can be used for 7 days. Each 7-day kit includes: one 7-day therapy unit; 3 × medium spiral GranuFoam dressing kit; 2 × 250ml canister with isolyser; 1 × AC power cord/charger; 1 × V.A.C.Via carry case with lanyard.

V.A.C.Via Canister 250ml

V.A.C.Via Canister 250ml

Single-use, latex-free, sterile 250ml exudate collection canister with gel solidifier, tubing clamp and connector


Dressing incorporating patented three-layer polyester-cotton structure to promote rapid capillary action, lifting, transporting and retaining exudate.

Varisan Fashion

Sheer-look RAL medical compression stocking made from microfibre yarn for softness and breathability, making them easier to wear every day

Varisan Top

Soft-feeling RAL compression hosiery made of multi-filament yarn to provide graduated compression and fabric firmness and reduce swelling in the legs. A cotton range is also available.


Transparent, semipermeable, polyurethane film dressing with soft silicone adhesive. The wound site or primary dressing can be observed, minimising dressing-change frequency.