Journal of Woundcare Handbook

The professional's guide to wound product selection



Dressing with capillary, hydroductive and electrostatic actions that allow it to remove debris, control excessive wound exudate and draw out bacteria and harmful matrix metalloproteinases, setting the stage for wound healing or closure.


Sterile pack containing: 1 × pair Vitrex gloves; 1 × apron; 1 × disposable bag; 1 × paper towel; 4 × non-woven swabs; 1 × absorbent pad; 1 × sterile field;

DryMax Blue

Sterile, conformable, superabsorbent dressing. Exudate is absorbed vertically by the dressing and retained in the Absorbest core to form a gel. A white hydrophilic wound contact layer transports fluid away from the wound and distributes it evenly into the core. The dressing’s blue hydrophobic backing reduces the risk of wound fluid strikethrough.

DryMax Border

Sterile, bordered superabsorbent dressing with a silicone wound contact layer for fixation. Exudate is transported away from the wound area into the Absorbest core. Gentle silicone border allows for easy application and repositiioning.

DryMax Super

DryMax Super

Sterile, conformable, superabsorbent dressing. Absorbs exudate vertically in the dressing and retains it in the core to form a gel.

DuoDERM Extra Thin

Sterile, thin hydrocolloid dressing. The adhesive layer contains elastomeric polymers which enhance the dressing’s ability to contain wound exudate by forming a cohesive gel.

DuoDERM Signal

An adhesive, bordered hydrocolloid dressing. An indicator helps to determine when to change the dressing. The adhesive layer forms a cohesive gel when in contact with wound exudate. The dressing is tapered at the edges to help reduce the incidence of rolling or rucking during use.

Duomed Soft – BS Hosiery

British Standard elastic hosiery in three compression classes available in standard stock sizes. Silicone top band on all thigh-length stockings. Latex-free.

Duomed Soft 2Easy

Two-piece system comprising anklet and calf sleeve to simplify application and removal of compression stockings. Supplied as pair (2 anklets and 2 calf sleeves).