Journal of Woundcare Handbook

The professional's guide to wound product selection

Protease modulators

Abilar 10% Resin Salve

An ointment-like product containing refined natural resin from Norwegian spruce (Picea abies), which has been used as a traditional wound-care treatment in Finland for over 500 years. Creates a protective layer that enhances wound healing and inhibits bacteria (including MRSA) and certain fungi, helps prevent biofilm formation and promotes re-epithelialisation.


Dressing with capillary, hydroductive and electrostatic actions that allow it to remove debris, control excessive wound exudate and draw out bacteria and harmful matrix metalloproteinases, setting the stage for wound healing or closure.



Sterile, freeze-dried composite of oxidised regenerated cellulose and collagen. Gels on contact with exudate. Inactivates proteases and protects growth factors. Has demonstrated haemostatic properties, and can be used under compression therapy.

UrgoStart Contact

Flexible lipido-colloid non-occlusive contact layer containing TLC-NOSF Healing Matrix that jellifies in contact with wound exudate, reducing MMP levels and restoring balance to close wounds sooner. NICE 2019 medical technology guidance (MTG42) states that evidence supports the case for adopting UrgoStart dressings to treat diabetic foot ulcers and venous leg ulcers.