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DryMax Blue

DryMax Blue

CD Medical


Sterile, conformable, superabsorbent dressing. Exudate is absorbed vertically by the dressing and retained in the Absorbest core to form a gel. A white hydrophilic wound contact layer transports fluid away from the wound and distributes it evenly into the core. The dressing’s blue hydrophobic backing reduces the risk of wound fluid strikethrough.


Protease-modulating dressing for exuding wounds. Absorbs, retains and locks in exudate containing bacteria and other detrimental substances.


Do not use on eyes, mucous membranes or tendons, on dry wounds or in wound cavities as the dressing swells during absorption. Not recommended for patients with a known sensitivity to the dressing or its components.


11×10cm, £0.69; 11×20cm, £0.94; 20×20cm, £1.48; 20×30cm, £2.09

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