Journal of Woundcare Handbook

The professional's guide to wound product selection

Adhesive removers

Appeel No-Sting Medical Adhesive Remover

An alcohol-free silicone-based medical adhesive remover that helps remove adhesive stoma appliances from the skin easily and gently, helping to avoid skin damage and pain from repeated appliance changes. It should not sting, even on sore skin and will not dry out the skin either. The formula does not contain latex, preservatives or fragrance. It dries quickly, leaving no residue and the skin clear and ready to apply a new appliance and does not affect subsequent appliance application or adherence.

Esenta Sting Free Medical Adhesive Remover

Non-sting 100% silicone medical adhesive remover that does not cause skin trauma and evaporates in seconds. Does not leave any film or coating so there is no need to clean the skin before a new application.

Hollister Adapt

Silicone-based, alcohol-free, no-sting adhesiver remover spray

Lifteez Medical Adhesive Remover – Non-sting

Non-sting medical adhesive remover containing certified health-care grade silicone ingredients. Available as wipes and aerosol. Designed to easily break strong adhesive bonds and minimise the risk of medical adhesive-related skin injury (skin stripping) and pain on removal.

Limisan Pro

Silicone-based spray for easy, pain-free removal of all types of adhesives, including plasters, tapes, dressings, stoma and adhesive patches. Contains ingredients that quickly form a layer that interrupts the adhesive bond so the adhesive product can be gently lifted away. The ingredients evaporate quickly, leaving no residue, enabling a new adhesive product to be applied.