Journal of Woundcare Handbook

The professional's guide to wound product selection




Viscose net dressing coated with 100% manuka honey and manuka oil (ratio of 99% honey to 1% oil)

Activon Tulle

Activon Tulle

Knitted viscose mesh impregnated with 100% manuka honey

L-Mesitran Border

Hydroactive, low-adherent, antibacterial honey-containing dressing with an adhesive film border. This sterile, semipermeable dressing contains 30% honey, as well as an acrylic polymer gel and water, and a polyurethane film backing. The honey-hydrogel pad rehydrates dry tissue and absorbs low levels of exudate.

L-Mesitran Hydro

Hydroactive, low-adherent, honey-containing dressing. Sterile, semipermeable dressing contains 30% honey, acrylic polymer gel and water, with polyurethane film backing. Honey-hydrogel pad donates moisture to rehydrate dry tissue and absorbs low to moderate levels of exudate.

L-Mesitran Net

A sterile, antimicrobial, open-weave mesh dressing coated with a hydroactive honey-hydrogel. It contains 20% medical-grade honey, an acrylic polymer gel and water on a polyester mesh structure. This allows for the passage of exudate, which is absorbed by the secondary dressing.

L-Mesitran Ointment

Antibacterial ointment with 48% medical-grade honey, containing medical-grade hypoallergenic lanolin (Medilan), sunflower oil, cod liver oil, Calendula officinalis, Aloe barbadensis, vitamins C and E, and zinc oxide. Single-patient multi-use.

L-Mesitran Soft

Antibacterial gel containing 40% medical-grade honey, medical-grade hypoallergenic lanolin (Medilan), propylene glycol, PEG 4000 and vitamins C and E. Designed for patients with sensitivity to honey (has a reduced honey content). Single-patient multi-use.

Medihoney Antibacterial Wound Gel

Medihoney Antibacterial Wound Gel

Sterilised medical-grade Manuka Honey with antibacterial action, combined with natural plant waxes to increase viscosity and aid application. Available in two sizes of single-patient-use tube.

Medihoney HCS

Medihoney HCS

An all-in-one dressing that combines 63% Medihoney (active Leptospermum) in a hydrogel dressing with a superabsorbent polymer. Available with or without an adhesive border. The adhesive dressing does not require a secondary dressing.


Honey based topical wound gel

Revamil Collagen

A protease-modulating dressing comprised of 60% equine collagen and 40% medical-grade honey

Revamil Melginate

Absorbent calcium alginate dressing impregnated with enzyme-rich medical-grade honey

Revamil Wound Gel

Comprises 100% pure medicinal honey. High enzyme content and low pH.


A sterile antimicrobial wound gel that releases controlled, low levels of reactive oxygen in the wound bed for 72 hours