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Medihoney HCS

Medihoney HCS

Integra LifeSciences


An all-in-one dressing that combines 63% Medihoney (active Leptospermum) in a hydrogel dressing with a superabsorbent polymer. Available with or without an adhesive border. The adhesive dressing does not require a secondary dressing.


Dry to moderately exuding wounds: diabetic foot ulcers; leg ulcers; categories I–IV pressure ulcers; first- and second-degree burns; donor site wounds; traumatic wounds; surgical wounds.


Third-degree burns; known sensitivity to honey.

Sizes Available

Non-adhesive: 6x6cm; 11x11cm; 20x20cm; 20x30cm

Adhesive: 7.2x7.2cm (11x11cm outer); 11.5x11.5cm (outer 15x15cm); surgical: 4.5x16.5cm (outer 7.5x20cm)


Non-adhesive: £2.28; £4.55; £18.38; £28.59.

Adhesive: £3.12; £5.90; £3.11

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