Journal of Woundcare Handbook

The professional's guide to wound product selection

Fixings and tapes


Permeable non-woven synthetic adhesive tape

CliniTape Clear

CliniTape Clear

Highly occlusive transparent surgical tape. Hypoallergenic, strong and impermeable.


Hypoallergenic, non-woven fixation tape with release liner

Empore Tape

Multipurpose, hypoallergenic and highly permeable paper fixation tape

EmporeBlue Tape

Paper and plastic blended tape. Allows for moderate adhesion and bidirectional tearing.

Emsilk Tape

Multipurpose non-stretch silk tape with hypoallergenic adhesive

Emtrans Tape

Transparent, perforated plastic medical tape that is easily torn and provides moderate adhesion

Emzinc Tape

Strong rigid tape of thin cloth impregnated with zinc oxide-based adhesive

Hydrocolloid Sealing Strips

Thin, sterile sealing strips consisting of an inner layer of hydrocolloid contained within an adhesive polymer matrix and an outer layer of polyurethane film

Hydrofilm Roll

Transparent self-adhesive dressing made of semi-permeable, waterproof polyurethane film, for fixation of primary wound dressings and to protect against bacterial penetration



A skin-friendly, non-woven tape used for wide-area dressing fixation


Soft silicone fixation tape


Transparent, synthetic, perforated, adhesive film tape. Skin-sensitive.

Leukoplast Sleek LF

Latex-free, plasticised PVC tape. Waterproof, strong and conformable. Excellent initial and long-term adhesion.


Permeable, non-woven, synthetic adhesive tape. Skin-friendly. Provides gentle fixation.



Comformable, flexible and skin-friendly adhesive fabric tape providing air and water vapour passage and gentle yet secure fixation using polyacrylate adhesive. The tape is non-absorbent and the stretchable fabric backing provides a barrier to fluids. The tape comes with protective paper pre-measured in 4-inch intervals for easy measurement, application and removal, and can be cut to shape and size of the wound.



A highly conformable soft silicone fixation tape that is easy to apply and remove. Consists of a soft silicone wound contact layer, knitted fabric and a film backing.


Permeable, apertured, non-woven synthetic adhesive tape


Highly permeable, hypoallergenic, colophony-free, non-woven, synthetic, skin-friendly, adhesive tape



Soft silicone fixation tape with easy tear perforations


Rigid strapping tape constructed from hand-tearable viscose fabric. Latex-free.

Transpore Medical Tape

A transparent, perforated, plastic medical tape with bidirectional perforations for easy hand tear and a moderate level of adhesive strength