Journal of Woundcare Handbook

The professional's guide to wound product selection




Comformable, flexible and skin-friendly adhesive fabric tape providing air and water vapour passage and gentle yet secure fixation using polyacrylate adhesive. The tape is non-absorbent and the stretchable fabric backing provides a barrier to fluids. The tape comes with protective paper pre-measured in 4-inch intervals for easy measurement, application and removal, and can be cut to shape and size of the wound.


Fixation of dressings, swabs, catheters, and tubes


2.5cm×5m, £1.10; 5cm×5m, £1.94; 10cm×5m, £3.11; 15cm×5m, £4.23; 20cm×5m, £5.43; 30cm×5m, £7.78; 2.5cm×10m, 5cm×10m, 10cm×10m, 15cm×10m, 20cm×10m, 30cm×10m not on Drug Tariff

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