Journal of Woundcare Handbook

The professional's guide to wound product selection

Exudate management

Eakin Wound Pouch

Wound management device consisting of hydrocolloid skin protector and collection bag. Available with fold and tuck closure, or tap closure for connection to remote drainage. Access window will allow instant access to the wound for viewing, dressing or irrigation. This window is already fitted for use on some extra large lines and can be applied to large and extra large sizes.

Option Manager

Wound drainage system. Option to attach a leg bag for 24-hour drainage.

Option Mini Ileo

Hydrocolloid. One-piece wound mini drainable pouch. Also available with Microskin (a thin and flexible flange).

Option Wound Manager

Wound drainage system consisting of hydrocolloid adhesive wafer and drainable drainage bag. Available with or without an access port.