Journal of Woundcare Handbook

The professional's guide to wound product selection

Option Wound Manager

Option Wound Manager



Wound drainage system consisting of hydrocolloid adhesive wafer and drainable drainage bag. Available with or without an access port.


Complex abdominal wounds; moderate to large fistulae/wounds; orthopaedic wounds and fungating wounds.


None listed.

Sizes Available

Extra small for vertical wounds up to 90x180mm (x 10)

Small for horizontal wounds up to 245x160mm (x 10)

Oblong for vertical wounds up to 190x160mm (x 10)

Medium for vertical wounds up to 90x260mm (x 10)

Large for vertical wounds up to 160x260mm (x 10)

Square for vertical wounds up to 160x200mm (x 10)

Extra large for vertical wounds up to 230x380mm (x 5).

Cut to fit:

10–30mm (small)

10–50mm (medium)

10–50mm (large)



Extra small: £125.77; extra small with access port £137.53
Small: £139.89; small with access port £146.11
Oblong: £124.21; oblong with access port £135.82
Medium: £143.00; medium with access port £149.22
Large: £170.44; large with access port £182.19
Square: £149.22; square with access port £155.44
Extra large: £155.26 (not available on the Drug Tariff); extra large with access port: £160.43 (not available on the Drug Tariff)

Cut to fit: £77.22 (small); £85.55 (medium); £89.61 (large)

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