Journal of Woundcare Handbook

The professional's guide to wound product selection

Retention bandages


Cohesive retention bandage. Latex-free.


Non-woven retention and conforming bandage


Polyamide and cellulose contour retention bandage

Easifix K

Viscose and polyamide knitted retention bandage. Highly conformable, two-way stretch, light and breathable.



Type 1 synthetic conforming bandage



Consists of a lightweight knitted fabric containing viscose and nylon. Highly conformable.


Lightweight knitted polyamide and cellulose contour bandage, knitted BP 1988

Knitted Conforming Bandage 4264

Type 2, two-way stretch, elastic, knitted conforming bandage. Available with and without fastening, and as non-sterile or sterile.


Cohesive polyamide and cotton contour bandage


A conforming bandage designed for dressing retention and finger and toe bandaging. Especially effective on difficult joint areas and when treating chronic oedema, as it enables each digit to be accurately compressed.

Peha-haft Latex Free

Peha-haft Latex Free

Breathable fabric with double adhesive effect; does not stick to skin. 85% extensibility; very skin friendly due to the absence of latex, acrylate and chlorine.

Premier Claripore Tape

Polyethylene tape. Non-sterile, acrylic copolymer adhesive. Latex free. Breathable, easy bi-directional tear, transparent and can be written on. BP 1988 quality.

Premier Silkpore Tape

Acetate tape. Non sterile. Polyacrylate adhesive. Latex free. Breathable and can be written on.

Premier Softpore Tape

Non-woven tape. Non-sterile. Synthetic copolymer adhesive. Latex free. Soft, breathable, conformable and can be written on. BP 1988 quality.


Polyamide and cellulose contour bandage

Tubifast Bandages

Designed for dressing retention, wet and dry wrapping, and under-cast stockinette. Tubifast provides light elasticity for complete freedom of movement. Easy to use and rewash for reuse, Tubifast bandages are elasticated viscose stockinette with radial and longitudinal stretch.