Journal of Woundcare Handbook

The professional's guide to wound product selection

Tubifast Bandages



Designed for dressing retention, wet and dry wrapping, and under-cast stockinette. Tubifast provides light elasticity for complete freedom of movement. Easy to use and rewash for reuse, Tubifast bandages are elasticated viscose stockinette with radial and longitudinal stretch.


For Dressing Retention, wet or dry wrapping, and under-cast stockinette.


Red line: 3.5cm×1m, £0.64; Green line: 5cm×1m, £0.66; 5cm×3m, £1.85; 5cm×5m, £2.96; Blue line: 7.5cm×1m, £0.81; 7.5cm×3m, £2.24; 7.5cm×5m, £3.73; Yellow line: 10.75cm×1m, £1.26; 10.75cm×3m, £3.67; 10.75cm×5m, £6.04; Purple line: 20cm×1m, £3.37; 20cm×5m, £16.72

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