Journal of Woundcare Handbook

The professional's guide to wound product selection

Curea P1 Drain

Regen Medical


Dressing for sterile coverage of wounds and absorption of wound exudate. Slit design is particularly suitable for use with drains and catheters. Due to the cross cut, the dressing fits around tubing systems or cables with different diameters and absorbs exudate. This keeps the exit site dry and protects it from inflammation.


Wounds with secondary healing and moderate to heavy exudation; chronic, acute and iatrogenic wounds; catheters, drainages or inlet/outlet lines


Dry wounds as this can lead to the stagnation of wound healing or cause the wound dressing to adhere to the wound bed. Do not use on mucous membranesm eyes or exposed bones or tendons as these body parts may be permanently damaged as a result. For external application only: care must be taken with wound pockets as the device may expand during use resulting in pain. Known over-sensitivity to the ingredients. Heavily bleeding wounds since the device does not function as a haemostatic agent.


12x12cm, £2.67

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