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The professional's guide to wound product selection

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Regen Medical Products

#AOne Foam

Moisture, vapour and oxygen permeable soft polyurethane foam dressing. Available in adhesive and non-adhesive versions.

#AOne Gelling Fibre

Gelling fibre dressing that, after absorbing the exudate, rapidly swells to form a transparent gel, preventing leakage and maceration, maintaining an optimal moist healing environment.

#AOne Silicone Foam

Comprises a silicone wound contact layer, a superabsorbent pad of polyurethane foam and a vapour-permeable and waterproof polyurethane film


A cloth designed to cleanse and debride hard-to-heal and/or acute wounds. The cloth cleanses wounds with a solution of sodium hyaluronate and phospholipid. The non-woven needle-punched cloth contains short fibres that collect wound debris during mech…

Curea P1

A multipurpose dressing (MPD) based on SuperCore technology. Includes a non-woven interface layer for soft debridement; a non-sagging airlaid core of natural fibres and sodium polyacrylates; breathable backsheet and laminated edges. Contains superabs…

Curea P1 Border

Self-adhesive wound dressing that provides coverage of wounds and absorption of wound exudate, with quick application, comfort and a secure and comfortable hold, even with higher mobility, making it suitable for use in the shower and during sports.

Curea P1 Drain

Dressing for sterile coverage of wounds and absorption of wound exudate. Slit design is particularly suitable for use with drains and catheters. Due to the cross cut, the dressing fits around tubing systems or cables with different diameters and abso…

Curea P1 duo active

A multipurpose dressing (MPD) for exudate management, soft debridement and reduction of malodour. Utilises SuperCore technology. Contains non-woven interface layers on both sides for soft debridement; a carbon layer; a non-sagging airlaid core of nat…

Curea P2

A multipurpose dressing (MPD) including a non-adherent interface layer based on SuperCore technology; a non-sagging airlaid core of natural fibres and sodium polyacrylates; breathable backsheet and laminated edges

Curea P2 Active

A multipurpose dressing (MPD) containing a non-adherent polyethylene interface layer based on SuperCore technology; a carbon layer to reduce malodour; a non-sagging airlaid core of natural fibres and sodium polyacrylates; breathable backsheet; and la…


An extracellular matrix (ECM) restorative bioscaffold derived from ovine (sheep) source for use in the healing of acute and hard-to-heal wounds. Supports all phases of wound healing and is appropriate for use early in wound management to restore prot…

Myriad Matrix

Engineered extracellular matrix (ECM) derived from an ovine (sheep) source for soft-tissue repair and complex wounds. Specifically designed to help maximise tissue repair while providing versatility and adaptability across a wide range of surgical ap…


Multi-patient, portable, disposable, negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) system that can be used for 8 weeks. Delivers -125mmHg or -75mmHg pressures, depending on the dressing used. A disposable, flexible fluid container can manage up to 125ml of…


Nexodyn acid oxidising solution (AOS) is an active wound cleanser with ancillary antimicrobial benefits that enable it to be used for debridement, wound irrigation, cleansing and moistening. Nexodyn contains hypochlorous acid (HCIO), which is very sa…


Formerly known as Epifix, this is minimially manipulated, dehyrdated, non-viable, human cellular amniotic/chorion membrane (dHACM) allograft derived from the placenta. It contains multiple extracellular matrix proteins, growth factors, cytokines and…