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Dermisplus Prevent

Dermisplus Prevent

Frontier Medical Group


Pressure-redistribution pad available in various sizes, thicknesses and anatomical shapes. Single-patient use, but can be washed and reapplied to same patient multiple times.


Designed to help reduce risk of pressure injuries as part of pressure injury prevention strategy. Also indicated for use on recently healed ulcers to protect against risk of re-ulceration. Should only be used on intact skin where there is risk of pressure injury.


Do not use on broken skin. Do not obstruct airways. Do not apply over wound dressings as this may compromise breathability of dressing and pressure-redistribution properties. Discontinue use if deep-tissue injury is suspected or confirmed, or skin integrity is compromised. For external use only.

Sizes Available

Pad: 100x100x3mm (5); 100x100x12mm (5); 200x200x3mm (2); 200x20x12mm (2)

Strips: 500x25x3mm (5); 300x50x3mm (5)

Sacrum pad: 250x185x10mm

Heel pad: standard (2); large (2)

Tubing: 100x8x8mm (10)


Pad: £3.52; £10.55; £14.05; £20.64. Strips: £4.40; £5.28 (strips). Sacrum: £13.81. Heel: £12.30; £14.01. for tubing price, please contact supplier

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