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KerraPro Pressure Reducing Pads

KerraPro Pressure Reducing Pads

3M + KCI


Shaped pads made from 100% silicone. The pads can be reused on the same patient (simply wash with soap and water). They must be completely dry before re-application.


Patients at risk of developing pressure damage on bony prominences or on areas where medical devices may cause damage to the skin due to pressure. Should not be used as a wound dressing or directly on broken skin. Should be used on intact skin on areas where damage is likely to occur or where a category I pressure ulcer is already present.


Known sensitivity to silicone


Sheet: 10×10×0.3cm, £4.42; 10×10×1.2cm, £13.33; strip: 50×2.5×0.3cm, £5.54; 30×5x0.3cm, £6.66; sacrum/ankle: one size, £17.59; heel, £15.63

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