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365 Transparent Island Dressings

365 Healthcare


Range of sterile, self-adhesive, showerproof transparent film wound dressings incorporating an absorbent, non-adherent pad. Made from a latex-free, semipermeable polyurethane film membrane coated with a hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive. Breathable, showerproof and impermeable to liquids, bacteria and viruses.


Primarily indicated for acute wounds with low levels of exudate such as: superficial cuts and abrasions; clean, closed, postoperative wounds; minor burns and donor sites. Can also be used on hard-to-heal wounds with low exudate levels. 


None listed.

Sizes Available

5x7.2cm (wound contact pad 2.5x3.6cm + border 1.25–1.8cm);

8.5x9.5cm (wound contact pad 3.8x6.8cm + border 2.35–1.35cm);

8.5x15.5cm (wound contact pad 3.8x11.6cm + border 2.35–1.9cm);

10x25cm (wound contact pad 5.5x20cm + border 2.25–2.5cm);

12x10cm (wound contact pad 7.5x5cm + border 2.5cm);

20x10cm (wound contact pad 15x5.3cm + border 2.5–2.35cm);

30x10cm (wound contact pad 25x5.5cm + border 2.5–2.25cm)


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