Journal of Woundcare Handbook

The professional's guide to wound product selection

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365 Healthcare Products

365 Community Wound Care Pack

Sterile, single-use and latex-free packs containing: 1 × tray; 1 × pair nitrile exam gloves (small, medium or large); 1 × drape (50×50cm); 1 × waste bag (35×45cm); 1 × dressing towel (38×43cm); 1 × apron; 5 × non-woven swabs (4 ply, 10×10cm); 1×14cm …

365 Film

Transparent film dressing for frame application

365 Foam

A sterile, non-adhesive, polyurethane foam dressing

365 Non Adherent

Sterile, absorbent wound dressing pads with absorbent inner layers and a perforated low-adherent wound contact layer.

365 Strips

365 Strips

Reinforced paper wound closure strips

365 SuperAbsorbent

Multilayer sterile, superabsorbent dressing comprising a low-adherent contact mesh layer, a superabsorbent core, and a permeable, water-resistant backing layer

365 Transparent Island Dressings

Range of sterile, self-adhesive, showerproof transparent film wound dressings incorporating an absorbent, non-adherent pad. Made from a latex-free, semipermeable polyurethane film membrane coated with a hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive. Breathable, sh…

Premier Band

Non-sterile, 100% cotton stretch bandage. BP Type 2. Latex free.

Premier Claripore Tape

Polyethylene tape. Non-sterile, acrylic copolymer adhesive. Latex free. Breathable, easy bi-directional tear, transparent and can be written on. BP 1988 quality.

Premier Polyfield Dressing Aid Pack

Pack contains: 1 × pair gloves, 1 × 50×45cm polythene sterile field, 1 × polythene bag and 1 × wound measure guide. Available with either vinyl or latex gloves.

Premier Silkpore Tape

Acetate tape. Non sterile. Polyacrylate adhesive. Latex free. Breathable and can be written on.

Premier Softpore Tape

Non-woven tape. Non-sterile. Synthetic copolymer adhesive. Latex free. Soft, breathable, conformable and can be written on. BP 1988 quality.