Journal of Woundcare Handbook

The professional's guide to wound product selection

Collagen dressings


Composite dressing containing a silicone membrane with a knitted nylon fabric partially embedded in it. A purified porcine collagen is bound to the fabric. Blood and sera clot in the fabric, adhering the dressing to the wound surface until epithelialisation can occur. Also available in glove form for use on burns of the hand.

Cutimed Epiona

Sterile, freeze-dried matrix consisting of collagen and calcium alginate. Collagen is obtained from bovine dermis and consists of collagen types I, III and V. Has haemostyptic properties, supports wound healing, is soft and easy to mould, and has a good absorptive capacity.

Revamil Collagen

A protease-modulating dressing comprised of 60% equine collagen and 40% medical-grade honey