Journal of Woundcare Handbook

The professional's guide to wound product selection


365 SuperAbsorbent

Multilayer sterile, superabsorbent dressing comprising a low-adherent contact mesh layer, a superabsorbent core, and a permeable, water-resistant backing layer

CovaWound SuperAbsorbent

A multilayer dressing comprising a soft polyethylene, non-adherent, hydrophilic wound contact layer, a polyurethane foam with superabsorbent polymer (SAP) core and a non-woven fibre top layer. The non-adherent hydrophilic wound contact layer enables fluid transmission through to the SAP core.


Multi-layered superabsorbent non-adhesive dressing to manage exudate and minimise maceration. Comprises soft contact layer, superabsorbent polymer core to lock away bacteria, and fluid-repellent backing.

C-Sorb Silicone

Superabsorbent dressing comprising a fluid-repellent backing that prevents strike-through for patient comfort and safety; a gentle silicone contact layer that allows free flow of fluids to the dressing while maintaining stable fixation and enabling pain-free removal; a fast-wicking layer that offers even absorption; and a superabsorbent polymer (SAP) core that locks away bacteria and matrix metalloproteinases

Cutisorb Ultra

Five-layer approach to exudate management, including absorbent particles and a distribution layer, that helps provide absorption and keep excess moisture away from skin, even under compression. This, combined with a non-sticking, soft wound contact layer, ensures more gentle and less frequent dressing changes.

DryMax Blue

Sterile, conformable, superabsorbent dressing. Exudate is absorbed vertically by the dressing and retained in the Absorbest core to form a gel. A white hydrophilic wound contact layer transports fluid away from the wound and distributes it evenly into the core. The dressing’s blue hydrophobic backing reduces the risk of wound fluid strikethrough.

DryMax Border

Sterile, bordered superabsorbent dressing with a silicone wound contact layer for fixation. Exudate is transported away from the wound area into the Absorbest core. Gentle silicone border allows for easy application and repositiioning.

DryMax Super

DryMax Super

Sterile, conformable, superabsorbent dressing. Absorbs exudate vertically in the dressing and retains it in the core to form a gel.


A superabsorbent dressing comprising a permeable, waterproof backing, a superabsorbent pad and a rapid ‘hydro-penetrating’ non-woven contact layer


Wearable wound care. Wearable retention dressing system for self-management of moderate to high exuding wounds in difficult-to-dress areas, without the need for adhesives that can irritate and further damage the skin. Combines reusable garments with superabsorbent HidraWear dressings, which are secured in place by HidraHex hook and loop technology. Seams on the outside of the garment allow the soft, breathable fabric to conform to the skin to further reduce irritation and allow smooth and frictionless movement.

Kliniderm Superabsorbent

A superabsorbent dressing comprising of four layers; a hydrophilic wound contact layer, an intermediate layer, a superabsorbent inner core and a fluid repellent backing layer. The superabsorbent inner core locks in exudate, bacteria and matrix metalloproteinases. Contains no glues, adhesives or latex. Effective under compression.

Metalline Tracheo

Single-sided, non-adhesive aluminised wound pad for acute wounds at tracheostomy, tube or drain sites. Flexible and soft with a smooth surface, makes this gentle on the wound.

Vliwasorb Pro

Improved highly conformable superabsorbent dressing with integrated wound contact layer and blue outer clothing-protection layer for greater patient comfort. Exudate and bacteria are locked away within the superabsorbent core.

Zetuvit Plus

Superabsorbent dressing that contains a blend of cellulose fluff and fluid-retaining superabsorbent particles. Water-repellant, air permeable, non-woven layer protects against contamination. Soft consistency for a cushioning effect. Suitable for use under compression.

Zetuvit Plus Silicone

Comprises a blend of cellulose fluff and fluid-retaining superabsorbent particles, along with a silicone wound contact layer and a water-repellent, air permeable, non-woven outer layer. Has a soft consistency for a cushioning effect.

Zetuvit Plus Silicone Border

Comprises a blend of cellulose fluff and fluid-retaining superabsorbent particles, along with a silicone wound contact layer and a water-repellent, permeable, non-woven outer layer. Has a soft consistency for a cushioning effect. Has a transparent border that can be cut.