Journal of Woundcare Handbook

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Vibrant Medical


Disposable covers and limb straps for use with Vibro-Pulse cycloidal vibration device. Applies cycloid vibration to stimulate wound healing by increasing blood flow and microcirculation, and reducing oedema.


Venous and mixed aetiology leg ulcers; diabetic ulcers; categories 1–3 pressure ulcers; post-surgical or amputation wounds; amputation pain; wound pain; cellulitis.


Severe above-the-knee vascular disease; severe wound infection in patients not receiving antibiotic therapy; severe tissue necrosis; thrombophlebitis; osteomyelitis; Charcot's foot; active deep vein thrombosis; active pulmonary embolism; active cancer; pregnancy; uncontrolled epilepsy; severe rheumatoid arthritis; unstable lower limb structures e.g. bone fragments; recent knee joint replacement; active bleeding or difficult haemostasis in the wound bed.

Sizes Available

One size (x 3)



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