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Urgo Medical


Two-layer compression bandage system that combines elastic and inelastic components. Provides sustained graduated compression for up to 7 days. The first-layer, K-Techis a short-stretch (inelastic) bandage that delivers stiffness, absorbency and 80% of the pressure. The second-layer, K-Press, is an elastic, cohesive bandage that keeps the system in place and provides additional compression, to achieve therapeutic pressure. 


For the treatment of venous leg ulcers, venous oedema and lymphoedema.


Arterial disease (ABPI <0.8). Diabetic microangiopathy, ischaemic phlebitis and septic thrombosis. Allergy to any of the components, in particular latex for the 'non-latex-free' version. Ulceration caused by infection.

Sizes Available

Sizes given as ankle circumference, bandage width:
18–25cm, 8cm 
18–25cm, 10cm
18–25cm, 12cm
25–32cm, 8cm
25–32cm, 10cm
25–32cm, 12cm
18–25cm, 10cm (latex free)
25–32cm, 10cm (latex free)


0 (short): £7.14

18–25cm, 8cm: £7.98
18–25cm, 10cm: £8.46
18–25cm, 12cm: £10.66
25–32cm, 8cm: £8.68
25–32cm, 10cm: £9.24
25–32cm, 12cm: £11.65
18–25cm, 10cm, latex-free: £8.98
25–32cm, 10cm, latex-free: £9.81


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